4 Most Important books for RPA Robotic Process Automation



Robotic Process Automation




RPA Robotic Process Automation: As empresas e os negócios na velocidade da luz (Portuguese Edition) [Print Replica] Kindle Edition



Advanced Process Identification and Control 1st Edition  (English, Hardcover, K Najim PH. D. Enso Ikonen Ikonen Kaddour Najim Enso Ikonen)



Introduction to Robotic Process Automation: a Primer Kindle Edition









Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

Since opening its doors in 2013, the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and its founder Frank Casale have been offering hands-on advice and strategies to customers and service providers across several domains on how to implement robotic process automation into their businesses. In this first book of its kind Introduction to Robotic Process Automation: a Primer demystifies the stigma and confusion surrounding this very unique, game-changing type of automation. 
While there is a sizeable and growing wave of interest in the most recent advancements in robotic process automation, known as RPA, the majority of the market place is still struggling to better understand what is to become the greatest thing to happen to most IT and process leaders, while remaining a double-edged sword to the community of service providers. Introduction to Robotic Process Automation: a Primer is a must-have guide for understanding:
• The debate surrounding RPA and its consequences on the meaning of work 
• How RPA differs from traditional automation
• Whether it can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency and accuracy
• What impact RPA will have on outsourcing and on the employment rate in general
• Who is already using RPA and how it fits particularly well in the healthcare, finance, and insurance sectors
• What small steps can be taken before taking the full RPA plunge?

In the not-so-distant future, the meaning of “work” will be redefined for millions of people, all at the hands of RPA. We might as well be ready for it when it happens,

and with this primer, readers will feel not only be ready for the future but steady within it. 


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