Useful Extensions in Visual Studio 2015


  • Viasfora ​​​​ :

The Viasfora extension adds many useful features for code (C#, C/C++, JS, VB, F#, SQL, TypeScript, Python, PowerShell, R, JSON) as well as editing XML files.

Rainbow Braces

Inspired by the Vim plugin of the same name, this feature makes it easy to keep track of nested braces.

Keyword Highlighting

Customize the appearance of control flow, visibility and LINQ keywords:

XML Improvements

You can customize how XML namespace prefixes are rendered in the VS XML editor, as well as rendering XML closing element tags in a different color.

And many other features!


Viasfora implements basic telemetry using Azure Application Insights to identify which Visual Studio versions are being most commonly used and prioritize features. If you'd prefer to opt-out of the telemetry collection, you can disable it from the Tools -> Options -> Viasfora option dialog.

Recommended Book for Visual Studio

Professional Visual Studio 2015 (WROX)

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Unleashed

  • SuperCharger


Supercharger is an extension designed to significantly improve the Visual Studio development experience. It builds upon and enhances previous VS10x products like CodeMAP, Editor View Enhancer, Comments Extender while also adding new high-quality tools.

Brief highlights:

  • The new, Roslyn-based, high performance and very accurate CodeMAP for quick code navigation

  • Code flow lines are not simple indent lines, but a smart outline of your code, independently collapsible and completely customizable (color, style) for all applicable code construct categories

  • Enhanced code editor readability with type and member name emphasis, region name emphasis, attribute dimming etc

  • SuperFind comes with a revolutionary new presentation for find results, along with very useful find options

  • Use bold/italic when writing code like you would in Word or other rich document editors

  • Add persistent color background highlights to code with yellow, green, cyan (and other color) markers

  • Transform comments into magic comments with formatting, color, size and graphical separator lines

  • Review spelling and phrasing at various scopes

Suggested Extensions


  • VSColorOutput

VSColorOutput can change the color of a line emitted to the output window based on specified rules. The rules consist of regular expressions. Rules map to classifications which in turn map to colors.

Screen Shot

  • Learn the Shortcut

Shows how easy you can make the same action using only the keyboard. Displays the keyboard shortcut for any command that you execute to help you learn the shortcuts you need the most.

It is also helpful for presentations where you want to display to the audience what keyboard shortcuts you are using.

See the changelog for changes and roadmap.


  • Displays the keyboard shortcut in the status bar

  • Auto-hides the shortcut after 5 seconds (default setting)

  • Doesn't show when a command was invoked by a shortcut

  • Keeps a log in a separate Output Window pane

When a command is invoked from a button click (such as Edit -> Find and Replace -> Quick Find) and there is a keyboard shortcut bound to that command, that keyboard shortcut will be displayed in the status bar.

Status bar

By default, the keyboard shortcuts are logged to the status bar for 5 seconds.

Status bar

In the settings you can set the timeout to be zero, which will persist the status bar indicator until a new shorcut is displayed.

A tooltip can be enabled in the settings to give more information about the command that was executed when the mouse hovers over the status bar.


This can be helpful to anyone trying to automate Visual Studio.

When the tooltip is visible and you click the status bar indicator, the content of the tooltip is copied to the clipboard.

Output Window

Every time a shortcut is displayed on the status bar, it is also logged in the Output Window. This makes it easy to go back in history to find any command that was executed earlier.

This can be disabled in the settings.


You can modify all the settings under Tools -> Options


  • Glyphfriend

Glyphfriend is an open-source Visual Studio 2015 extension to enhance the existing Intellisense to display preview glyphs for many of the common glyph-based font libraries like Font Awesome, Foundation, IonIcons, Bootstrap Glyphicons and more.

Supported Glyphs and Libraries

  • Bootstrap Glyphicons

  • Entypo

  • Font Awesome

  • Foundation

  • Ionicons

  • IcoMoon

  • Material Design

  • MetroUI

  • Octicons

Glyphfriend now also supports Emoji emoticons within Markdown files, for those of you that enjoy using Visual Studio as a Markdown editor.

Getting Started

Simply download the Glyphfriend extension and install it on Visual Studio 2015, which is available here. After doing this, you'll just need to include the appropriate CSS files for the library that you want to activate Intellisense for within your project (via direct inclusion or a NuGet package).

After you have added your libraries, Glyphfriend will handle detecting any classes that are present within them and pair them up with existing glyphs within the extension when you begin typing :